Composites & Collages...

Below, you'll see examples of complex compositing techniques.  Amazing results can also be achieved with a simple composite of subject and background.

Look closely at the photograph above.  That's not 6 different riders, but one rider on one horse!  What would otherwise be a typical sport photograph has become something eye-catching  - something you want to hang on the wall.  And the compositing is seamless!


While this was a nice photograph of the young couple, they were backlit and the background was dull.  The client was making a scrapbook for her boyfriend and wanted a photo for the cover that would play off the fact that the couple shared the names of two characters on "The O.C.".  She asked for a dramatic background that would mimic the atmosphere of the show.  Two different backgrounds were added and the presentation was created.

Here's a vacation collage worth displaying!  A composite of four photographs (the center background is a separate photo), the three sections are gently blended, as is the bottom title.  We can include as many photographs in a collage as you'd like and they make great gifts!

This high-concept composite could be considered an alternative to the typical sport shot or the typical pet shot.  Creating the look of a photo studio, the horse's head is made to look like a background screen.  This is certainly not your typical photo collage.  Use your imagination - there's no limit to the possibilities!

Here, a composite of two vacation photographs, plus some special effects, create a dramatic result.  A client ordered this photograph as a wedding present for a young couple.  With the addition of their names and wedding date in a flowing script at the bottom, the result was gorgeous.

In the photograph above, a more conventional composite is combined with a poster presentation.  This type of presentation is available on all our photographs.