Enhancing Your Business...

Art Imaging, LLC can provide services to enhance your business. 

Before sending your brochure to the printer, consider altering a photograph of your location to project a certain mood, season, etc.  We can even remove unsightly objects.

Or, enhance your stationary and business cards with a custom photograph rather than the generic logos offered by the printer.

We even offer simple web site construction - great for the small business that knows the importance of having a presence on the web but can't find the time to do it alone or the money to hire a web design firm.  See these sites for examples:  Pine Cone Home Decor, The Java Lodge.


On the left is the original photograph of this Crivitz business followed by three variations.


All three convey a different mood.  In the black & white version, day has been changed to night, decorative lights have been added, and the front banner has been removed.  Of course, these are not the only possibilities.  A romantic sunset can be used behind an intimate restaurant or a bouquet of flowers behind a florist.  And you're not limited to changing backgrounds.  Custom composites, art effects, and special effects may all be employed to achieve your desired result.


Here's an example of how your favorite photograph can be used in stationary and business cards.  After applying multiple special effects, the original photograph (upper-left) has a subtle, drawn effect.  The result is light enough to work great as stationary.  Next...

The same altered photograph is used as a background for your business cards creating a truly customized, personalized result.


Here are two other effects, slightly different than the previous example, that work well for stationary.  The one on the left employs an embossed effect.  The photo on the right maintains a more photographic appearance.