Art Effects...

Remember to visit Art Effects 2 and Art Effects 3.  On these pages you'll see a large selection of effects that mimic hand-drawn or painted art work - including the brush strokes.  To add to the effect, consider printing on canvas.


Already a great photograph, this was a prime candidate for the watercolor effect.  We do not simply apply a computer filter.  The color is removed, then built back up by hand, using digital brushes.  Note the visible brush strokes as can be seen in the detail below.

Various brush sizes have been used in the sky, hills, and waves.


This is a slightly different effect than the one above.  There are fewer visible brush strokes which is preferable for a large subject like this.  Few people would guess that this was produced digitally.


The effect employed here is a great alternative to a line drawing for accentuating architectural detail. 


Here's an art piece that can really be a focal point.  The original photograph was nice, but the new one, with its bright, vivid colors, will bring life to any dull room.


Similar to the previous effect, this one employs the use of softer, less vivid pastels.


We've all taken the obligatory snapshot of our vacation rental.  Whether it be a condo, apartment, or hotel room window, it's always dull - until now!


A metal effect is used here.  An alternative to this effect can be found at Art Effects 3.